One of the biggest selling attractions when buying a condominium is little or no exterior building maintenance or repairs needed to be made by you. The condominium association usually covers the structure in their “Master Policy,” however the interior is the responsibility of the homeowner. Almost all condominium associations require the homeowner to have specific condo insurance.

Condo Insurance Responsibility

In most condo communities the association is responsible for the building structure and the common areas. From the studs in is the responsibility of the homeowner. This covers such things as drywall, paint, cabinets, appliances, and personal property.


Condo Policy’s Include:

  • Dwelling Protection- Cabinets, Studs, Paint, etc
  • Personal Property Protection – Furniture, Televisions, Computers, etc
  • Liability Coverage – to prevent law suites
  • Loss Assessment – Possible requirement from the condo association to cover a particular loss, usually is $2,000

If you own a condominium, we encourage you to have your master policy and current condo insurance policy reviewed to ensure that you have the appropriate amount of coverage. Many homeowner’s make the mistake of thinking that their master policy will cover all of their basic needs only to find out that when a disaster strikes, they don’t have the insurance they need to pay for the damages. We can ensure that this doesn’t happen. Call Derek Jones Insurance at (619) 420-4927 so that our team can review your policy and make suggestions for the type of coverage that you need to protect your home, family and most valuable possessions.