At Derek Jones Insurance, we insure primary residences and rental homes throughout California. Each home is unique, making it important to select an insurance policy that protects your family’s most valuable possessions.

California is beautiful with sun drenched beaches, but it also has, without question, one of the most complicated and confusing insurance markets in the entire United States. We work with some of the most reputable carriers to find the protection, plan and coverage that will fit your needs and budget. Your home insurance should never be something you’re forced to sacrifice on due to the cost and we realize that, which is why we strive to provide you the best possible price.

Derek Jones Insurance is committed to protecting your family’s financial future. Since a home is often the culmination of life’s savings and hard work, it is also the place where memories are made and life is enjoyed. The question becomes, are your dreams protected? Many people don’t understand their homeowner’s insurance policy and don’t have the right amount of coverage as a result. This can leave families unable to recover from a disaster, break-in, or fire. Fortunately, we can help by discussing your needs and providing the appropriate amount of California Homeowners Insurance. For your free consultation call (619) 420-4927.